3 Perfect Times To Enjoy CBD Hot Chocolate

CBD Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a delicious beverage enjoyed by most any one, especially during these cold winter months. A warm cup of cocoa is both a great way to relax and a treat for so many moments. So what could be better than a delicious cup of hot chocolate? How about hot chocolate with an added health and wellness benefit built in? We’re talking about hot chocolate infused with CBD! At BrandBold Hemp we’re always looking for ways to push the envelope and innovate, and to offer unique CBD products to our customers. Our CBD-infused hot chocolate pods do just this, providing a refreshing twist on a favorite treat

In this post we share 3 great times to give CBD hot chocolate a try – no special occasion required.

After A Day of Outdoor Activity

Winter offers the chance for many fun-filled outdoor activities, from skiing to ice skating to brisk winter runs. Hot chocolate tends to be a post-outdoor treat, especially when snow is involved. Enjoying hot chocolate with a bit of CBD not only tastes great, but provides some added benefits. CBD is increasingly being used to combat chronic pain, which can often act up during the cold months and after spending time outdoors in low temperatures. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it’s a great remedy to help the muscles after any sort of outdoor activity. CBD can help reduce inflammation, and thus reduce pain and swelling that may come after a long day on the slopes or a tough run. By adding a dose of CBD to your hot chocolate, you can warm up, reward yourself for a job well done, and promote muscle recovery and eliminate pains associated with the cold and winter activities. 

As A Post-Dinner Treat

Hot chocolate is a great way to end a meal, and a good alternative to coffee for those worried about caffeine keeping them awake. When it’s cold outside, CBD-infused hot chocolate can make an even more perfect after dinner treat or night cap. More than that, because one of CBD’s many uses is improving sleep, it’s a great choice in the evening. Many CBD users report getting better quality sleep as well as more sleep after using CBD, and some even use it to combat the serious problem of insomnia. Enjoying a CBD hot chocolate after dinner is a great way to wind down, relax, and promote a great night’s sleep any day of the week.

Reduce Stress and Pain 

Hot chocolate is a great midday pick me up, and a bit of sugar spike can help get through that afternoon slump. So why not add some added benefits to your afternoon treat? Enjoying a CBD-infused hot chocolate in the afternoon can also combat stress or anxiety. Whether you’re dealing with basic work or life-related stressors day to day, or struggling with a more serious condition like an anxiety disorder, CBD can help. Adding a CBD-infused cup of cocoa to your afternoon snack may help you reduce stress and feel better for the rest of the day.


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