3 Ways To Enjoy CBD In Your Favorite Beverage

When we think of CBD, we often think of oils, tinctures, supplements (pills) or even gummies. But what about taking CBD each morning (or afternoon) as part of your daily routine, added into your favorite beverage? 

While it’s true you can add a tincture to a drink, at Brand Bold Hemp we want to ensure our CBD users can enjoy CBD easily, consistently, and as a delicious part of their routine. We’re excited to offer a creative new format of CBD  that offers customers all this – CBD infused coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinks!

1. Enjoy The Health Benefits of Tea and CBD

Tea has a variety of benefits for its drinkers, which have long been known to cultures around the world and in the East in particular. More recently, tea has gained favor all over the globe and many people enjoy tea daily not only because it tastes good, but tea offers benefits for health and wellness. From lower blood pressure, to reduction in cardiovascular diseases and protection of the heart, to weight loss, cholesterol, and mental alertness, the research points to tea improving overall well being (sources: Today, WebMD). 

Whether you’re actively seeking a benefit from or just enjoy the taste, drinking CBD-infused tea will enable you to also reap the benefits of CBD whether you’re using it for pain, stress or another cause. CBD can also help with sleep, so what better way to get ready for bed than with your nighttime cup of tea infused with CBD.

2. Warm Up With a Delicious CBD Hot Chocolate

What’s cozier than a glass of hot chocolate in the winter months? Hot chocolate can warm you up and of course tastes delicious, and is the drink of choice for those with a sweet tooth or looking for a festive treat. CBD hot chocolate allows you to not only indulge in the deliciousness that is a cup of warm chocolate, but to get your daily dose of CBD along with it! CBD-infused hot chocolate is a great choice for those who want to take CBD but may not want to mess about with pills or tinctures; it’ll blend right into your tasty treat and you won’t even know.

3. Kickstart Your Day with CBD-Infused Coffee

For many, starting the day with a cup of joe is an absolutely essential and part of the morning routine. Coffee – and the dose of caffeine it provides – is important for many people as both a ritual and to help them wake up and remain alert. Coffee is also reported to provide some medical benefits, including a lower risk of liver cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart failure. It also may be able to help with cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, cirrhosis and gout. Coffee contains some useful nutrients and antioxidants, too. 

Whether you’re seeking some serious medical benefits or simply striving to get your “quick fix,” if coffee is a part of your routine so why to get the CBD you need while you’re at it. Enjoying CBD-infused coffee ensures you never forget your dose of CBD in the morning, as it’s incorporated into something you are already doing daily and a beverage you enjoy.

Get Your Daily Dose Of CBD 

CBD has a variety of benefits, so slipping a bit into your morning (or afternoon, or evening) beverage might be an ideal way for you to stay healthy and feeling good. Our Keurig pods make it easier than ever to get a consistent dose of CBD – no work or thought done on your end, and no worry about forgetting. Check out all our great CBD products today!


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