CBD In Your Tea: 3 Great Times To Drink CBD-Infused Tea

Many people around the world enjoy tea. From a nice cup in the morning, to afternoon tea times, to a before-bed drink, tea is versatile as it is beloved. Even better, tea is said to offer myriad health benefits with little if any downsides.Now you can get the benefits of CBD along with your daily cup of tea! This is a great option for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of CBD in an easy, tasty way. Here are 3 great times to drink CBD-infused tea.

In The Morning

Tea is the drink of choice for many in the morning, in place of a cup of coffee. Starting your day with CBD-infused tea can provide several benefits. CBD has been reported to reduce stress and anxiety, so it’s a great option for those worried about an upcoming meeting at work or busy day ahead. It can also alleviate aches and pains and reduce inflammation, making it a good choice for those who may be suffering from chronic pain which is often felt in the form of stiffness in the morning. CBD in a morning cup of tea can even assist with soreness or inflammation coming as the result of an intense workout the day before or an early run.

During The Afternoon Rush

One of the main uses of CBD is to eliminate stress and even combat anxiety. A cup of tea in the afternoon can provide a nice, relaxing break from the hustle-and-bustle of errands or a busy day at work. CBD-infused tea is easy to drink whether at work or at home, as it’s part of the afternoon cup of tea you already have. Enjoying CBD-infused tea in the afternoon can help reduce stress and anxiety that occurs in everyday life, and offer a nice way to recharge and finish off the day.

Calm Down Before Bed

Many people enjoy a cup of tea at night, and CBD-infused tea is a perfect choice for this crowd! Many people drink tea before bed for its calming properties; there are even many brands offering night time formulas (for example, Sleepytime) which illustrate this fact. Adding a bit of CBD to your nighttime tea routine can help even more. CBD is used by many people who struggle with sleep or insomnia,  to obtain a better night’s sleep both in number of hours asleep and quality of sleep.

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